2014-15 Cornerstone Grant Recipients

The ENF is proud to announce the 2014-15 Cornerstone Grant recipients. The following four Legacy Awards recipients received a $500 grant to partner in service with the Elks.

Krystyna Farrell
2014 Legacy Scholar
Sponsored by Glens Falls, N.Y., Lodge No. 81

Krystyna partnered with the Glens Falls, N.Y., Lodge No. 81 to cater a lunch for veterans at the Albany Stratton V.A. Medical Center during her spring break. Elks members from the Lodge joined her and assisted her in hosting a successful event. She was thankful for the opportunity to not only get to serve the lunch, but also to get to have some heart-warming conversations with the veterans.

“I have a lot of volunteer experience, but most of it has been with children or peers. I have spent a lot of time working with my church group to plan and execute events for kids and teens, but I have never once worked with veterans. This project was a big step for me and I’m so glad to have taken it on,” Krystyna shared. “The opportunity to receive these funds was wonderful and it has made me even more interested in volunteering with veterans in the future. Partnering with the ENF means I had the Elks family behind me to support me in my endeavors and that gave me the courage to plan my first service project on my own.”

Austin Cusick
2013 Legacy Scholar
Sponsored by Ohio River Valley, Ohio, Lodge No. 231

Austin used his Cornerstone Grant funds to put together gift bags for veterans in a local nursing home. The bags included items that the residents could use during their stay such as clothing, slippers, socks and toiletries. Austin and his peers had the opportunity to spend time with the veterans by playing cards, coloring Easter eggs, and having some meaningful conversations with the residents.

“Thank you all for the opportunity to create and provide a project in the local area giving thanks to older veterans who have served,” Austin expressed.

Meagan Fuller
2010 Legacy Scholar
Sponsored by Attleboro, Mass., Lodge No. 1014

Meagan partnered with The Cookbook Project and The Youth Empowerment Project to hold healthy cooking classes for children in the New Orleans community with her Cornerstone Grant. The classes culminated in a Food Culture Celebration Day in which the children got to cook and serve healthy meals. Meagan was able to connect with Terry Bruno, a member of New Orleans, La., Lodge No. 30 who attended the Food Culture Celebration Day.

Meagan shared, “The kids were so excited to cook for their friends and they did a wonderful job!” She was also grateful for the opportunity to connect the New Orleans Elks Lodge with the Youth Empowerment Project through her Cornerstone Grant event. “I couldn't be more thrilled to have facilitated this connection,” Meagan shared.

Nicholas House
2012 Legacy Scholar
Sponsored by Mountain Home, Ark., Lodge No. 1714

Nicholas partnered with Mountain Home, Ark., Lodge No. 1714 on their 2014-15 Impact Grant project–Project Uplift. Elks members at the Mountain Home, Ark., Lodge provide a mentoring program for elementary school students through Project Uplift. Members partner with students throughout the year and provide them with supplies they need.

Elks scholars like these want to volunteer with the Elks! There are Elks scholars across the country. If you are interested in inviting Elks scholars to volunteer at your Lodge, please email

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