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"Being an Elks Scholar means I am part of a network of thousands of individuals who share aspirations to change the world, to pursue common dreams to serve humanity. I feel supported and encouraged to pursue my hopes and dreams through these connections to other individuals, knowing they will be there to support me, and I to support them, along our journey through life."
Bradley Pfeifer, Scholar

Eureka Tintic, UT Lodge #711
Exalted Ruler: Suzanne Carter
Secretary: Ron Nelson
Lodge Location:

Eureka 'Tintic', UT No. 711
285 W Main
Eureka UT 84628

Mailing Address:

Eureka 'Tintic', UT No. 711
PO Box 339
Eureka UT 84628-0339


     Telephone: (435)433-6822 (Lodge)
     Telephone: (435)433-6620 (Office)
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