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"Financial burdens have become almost a plague among aspiring students. To be honest, I was extremely worried about being in too much debt for college, and I cannot thank you enough for relieving this stress for me. By providing me with an education, you provide me with a future; you provide me with the ability to support myself. As I look to start the rest of my life, I cannot ignore how much of an impact this financial assistance will have on it."
Robert Bays, Scholar

Festus-Crystal City, MO Lodge #1721
Exalted Ruler: Robert Thompson Jr
Secretary: John D Stuart
Lodge Location:

Festus-Crystal City, MO No. 1721
4 Elks Acres
Crystal City MO 63019

Mailing Address:

Festus-Crystal City, MO No. 1721
PO Box 148
Festus MO 63028-0148


     Telephone: (636)937-4711 (Lodge)
     Telephone: (636)937-0910 (Office)
     Telephone: (636)524-9828 (Emergency)
     FAX: (636)937-8468 (Lodge)
     Email: (Lodge)
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